You Asked:  How Did Sunset Bay Candy Get Started?
March 11, 2023

You Asked: How Did Sunset Bay Candy Get Started?

Have you ever received a gift that just made you smile and feel special?  You realized a lot of thought had been given to choosing the perfect gift just for you.  A gift like that is memorable, a gift like that goes a long way to build strong relationships.

For over 50 years, using recipes passed down through generations, we have been passionate about creating delicious homestyle candies for family and friends.  For us, it’s about hand-making special treats with the love and attention that are certain to create lasting memories with those we care about.

Over-and-over again we were told we should offer our candies, especially the popular buttercrunch toffee, for sale to the public.  But as you know, there are many, many established candy companies selling sweet treats.  Admittedly, our candies are delicious and as we like to say, “handmade from-the-heart” but still I wondered what would bring someone to choose Sunset Bay Candy over the huge, popular brands.

Then I realized the difference between us and the well-known candy companies, and I understood why so many folks wanted us to start Sunset Bay Candy.  The difference is that we handmake our candies with the passion of home cooking.  Our candies are more than delicious sweet treats.  They are a way to connect and to show those people important in your life that you care.  By choosing Sunset Bay Candy, you are giving a truly special gift that is carefully hand crafted and beautifully packaged with love and attention.

When clients purchase our products, they can be confident in getting candies and treats that are:

  • Superior in taste
  • Hand-crafted in small batches
  • Made from finest ingredients including sustainable, ethically sourced chocolates
  • Custom packaged to surprise and delight the lucky recipient

We may not be one of the big guys in this industry, but at Sunset Bay Candy we create truly artisan candies and sweet treats with love and attention.  Our goal is to provide absolutely the best homestyle candies, attractive packaging and exceptional customer service.