Sweet Rewards - A Program To Thank Our Loyal Customers
April 18, 2023

Sweet Rewards - A Program To Thank Our Loyal Customers

Sweet Rewards!!  Sunset Bay Candy’s new rewards program is here! And, it’s so easy to earn points, that you’ll be cashing in your first $5 credit before you can say “Handmade from the Heart”! 

 Here’s how to earn points:

  • Just sign up and you’ll automatically get 25 points!
  • Complete your profile for 10 more points.
  • Subscribe to our Sweet Newsletter and get 10 points.
  • To celebrate that special day, each year on your birthday get 25 points.
  • Like, Share on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, 10 points each!
  • Best of all you receive 1 point for every $1 spent for candies and gift assortments at our online store!

 And, only 100 points will give you a full $5 credit off your next order.

 We designed a rewards program that is simple to use and easy to accumulate points. We hope you take advantage of Sweet Rewards, it is our way of showing appreciation to you, our valued customer. 

So sign up today for Sunset Bay Candy’s Sweet Rewards and start earning points for all of your online purchases of our signature candies and gift assortments. 

What could be Sweeter?